editorial Services

Editorial Services

We provide language editing services to authors of scientific documents, including journal articles, theses and dissertations, grant proposals, and other academic documents in all Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) disciplines. Every manuscript is edited by a PhD-level expert specializing in the target research area to ensure the content is presented effectively, and then checked by another native English-speaking PhD-level editor to ensure the language reads well and is free
from error.

Developmental Editing

Over the years, we have built a strong team of freelance editors who will assess your manuscript against the same criteria commonly employed in the peer-review process of academic journals.

Our editors will ensure that concepts are developed adequately, eliminate repetition and redundancy, and ensure that statements are clear and unambiguous. Our editors will also restructure, expand, or summarize content appropriately.

Language Polishing

Publishers judge an article not only on the basis of its content and its relevance to their specific audience, but also on its adherence to accepted standards of scientific English. Our editors help to ensure that text is written in a formal style to increase the odds of being accepted through the peer review stage. This service helps non-native English-speaking authors to get their articles published in prestigious journals. Our language editors check:

  • Sentence construction, English word choice, clarity, parallel structure, tone, voice, redundancy
  • Subject-verb agreement, article usage, spellings, tense, prepositions, pronouns and determiners,
  • adverbs and adjectives, relative clauses
  • Punctuation checks such as commas, colons/semicolons, dashes, quotation marks, apostrophes
  • Capitalization, American/British English

Copy editing

Copyediting is the last step in preparing a document’s content before it is deemed fit for layout. Our copyeditors are rigorously trained to spot common language errors, spelling and grammar mistakes, typos and punctuation errors. The scope of copy editing includes:

  • Improving clarity and readability
  • Checking headings, numbering style, hyphenation, abbreviations
  • Checking for consistency between in-text citations and the reference list.
  • Checking for appropriate use of units of measurements, symbols and variables
  • Checking for appropriate use of terminology for specific subject matters
  • Checking for adherence to the specific formatting and stylistic requirements of the target journal/book

Abstracting and Indexing Services

Abstracts provide a short summary of an article and are indexed by various content databases. Our team of scientific writers, specializing across all STEM subjects, analyze the article diligently to compile electronic metadata comprising key attributes, such as keywords, subject indexing

and categorization. Our suite of services include keyword, subject, author name, and bibliographic indexing.