digitization services

Digitization Services

Digitization of knowledge assets is essential to any content-driven company and we provide comprehensive print-to-electronic and electronic-to-electronic services. Content that is coded/scanned and indexed for long-time archival and downstream requirements will always be an asset that could open up newer revenue streams in the future. At PDMR, we have specialists who specialize in all areas of content digitization.

Storage and Archival

We offer high-quality digitization solutions using cutting-edge technologies. We provide
all-inclusive services wherein the client need not seek out multiple vendors for their scanning and archival needs. We have the equipment, personnel and expertise to manage projects of any volume and specification. Our comprehensive set of solutions cover:

  •  Bound documents such as library books, corporate records and historic collections. We use cradle
  • technology to reduce stress on the spine of books to preserve its state
  •  Capture and archiving of large format items such as newspapers, maps, fold outs and country
  • records
  •  Conversion of microform disks to indexed images
  •  Post-scan services providing multiple derivatives like XML, compressed PDFs and ePub

Digital Content (e-newspapers, e-magazines)

Using our expertise and the latest technologies, we can quickly publish newspaper and magazine content online. Our quick and seamless service is powered by automated workflows, which manage various processing stages like layout analysis, text extraction, auto-segmentation and XML/XHTML markups. We output e-Newspapers and e-Magazines in XML format customized to the customer’s web and mobile feeders.

Our workflow accommodates PDF and various layout packages (InDesign, PageMaker, etc.) for creating the electronic files.

E-migration from Flash to HTML5

A few years back, learning content was primarily developed in Flash, as it had rich animation capabilities and was affordable. Smartphones and tablets have again altered the equation, mandating the use of HTML5 over Flash. We help transform existing Flash content into usable HTML5 formats, which are suitable for a variety of devices including desktops, smartphones and tablets. We analyze the content closely and

identify common patterns and components that are re-usable. To aid the search and retrieval process, we tag the content contextually and enable SCORM/AICC/Tin Can/Section 508 compliance.

Forms Processing

We have expertise in converting a variety of forms such as invoices, medical claims, legal documents and tax statement into electronic forms. We can convert huge volumes of hardcopy and image-based content, using advanced technologies. Our workflow involves a combination of OCR/ICR technologies and manual-encoding techniques to produce data of high quality and accuracy.

Customized data entry forms are used to reduce manual intervention. We also convert online forms in formats like HTML, JSP, CGI, ASP and PHP and provide outputs in ASCII or CSV formats.