About Us

Perfect Digital Media Resources Pvt Ltd

Since its foundation in 2003, PDMR India, a subsidiary company of Compuscript Limited, Ireland, has established itself as the preferred choice for digital publishing services by the world's top publishers. Our seamless integration of the latest technologies combined with our highly skilled team of experts, enable us to deliver high-quality content at a very competitive price.

We provide smart solutions to fulfill our clients' content and management needs. We are partnered with top-ranking publishers, universities, non-profit societies etc, for whom we provide editorial support, project management, typesetting, digital publishing, and other content development services. Customized solutions are always cost-effective and so our services and solutions are often tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients.

Managing Director

How We Do it?

Clarity and transparency are essential in creating an environment that fosters the organic growth of a company. Our people are our biggest asset and we provide them with a disciplined work environment coupled with clearly defined workflows to ensure optimum results. We follow an internal TRP rating policy, wherein the Technology used in the work flow, the Resourcefulness with which task was managed and the efforts of the People involved are constantly monitored.

Innovation and continuous improvement are important to us and we constantly change and customize traditional publishing models to suit our clients' requirements.

Our Vision

Smart content solutions, that evokes curiosity, provides clarity and delivered at a pace with precision.

Our Mission

Skilled and highly talented minds with decades of publishing experience, we are best placed to serve you in this digital wave.

Quality Policy

At PDMR, we believe that our success quotient depends on the value/cost benefits achieved by our product/data.

Quality Objective

The objective is to maximize revenue for our publishing partners through constant, consistent and creative products.

To achieve our objectives:

  • 1. Engage continually with clients to understand their publishing goals and requirements.
  • 2. Define and measure quality parameters for each stage of the publishing process.
  • 3. Continually train, develop, and upskill our team.
  • 4. Continually improve and calibrate our processes.
  • 5. Innovate, innovate, innovate.